Check out these Smart Puppy Videos. Produced by award-winning Distinguished Professor of Physics at UCSD, Ivan Schuller, PhD.  Dr. Schuller is a member of the NanoTecNexus Advisory Council and recipient of the 2014 NanoStar Award.

Smart Puppy and Friends is a new series of short science videos for kids. (Hey, we’re all a kid inside somewhere, right?) With support from both the American Physical Society and the Materials Research Society, the wacky duo at Not Too Serious Labs decided to turn science educa – er, I mean science entertainment on its head to bring physics and materials concepts like magnetism and quantum tunneling to unsuspecting internet visitors in search of cute animal tricks. If you like these, you should also see the Emmy Award  Winner short movie called “When Things Get Small” from Not Too Serious Labs.

Smart Puppy and an Amazing Tennis Ball Trick Smart Puppy and Friends Play with Peanuts
Smart Puppy and the Tiniest Magnet! Smart Puppy and Teensy-Weensy Magnets!
Smart Puppy and Super-what?!