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NanoTecNexus aims to extend its programs to include activities that involve a wider audience, especially for those interested in the field of nanotechnology but are not involved on a day-by-day basis. This includes educators, K-12 students and the general public.

Current plans include participation in a variety of programs and others are being investigated. To make this a reality, NanoTecNexus is exploring various funding sources. NanoTecNexus welcomes interest from foundations, donors, companies, and individuals who share in our vision.

Our programs are designed to help address the awareness and education gap on nanoscience and nanotechnologies and promote beneficial research while inspiring students to pursue nanoscience STEM education. If this is an area of particular interest to you, we would like to hear from you at

Previous philanthropic and academic grant-funded projects and activities include:

cal14-montage1_1100wo-230x230The creation of a beautiful 2015 ‘Wonders of Nanotechnology’ CALENDAR was a fundraiser project to support our STEM educational programs for K-12 students and the general public. All proceeds go toward funding the nanotechnology pavilion at the USA Science & Engineering Festival.

NanoTecNexus is dedicated to improving the way K-12 students and the general public learn about nanotechnology and its potential to address societal needs. Our goal is to inspire students to pursue science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education and become the next generation innovators.





6a0105368f9190970c01348698d50f970c-80x80The 2010 SAN DIEGO SCIENCE FESTIVAL (SDSF) is back for an encore celebration and promises to be bigger and better. Celebrating this year’s theme, “The Science of Us,” the Festival will provide 500+ free and entertaining science outreach activities to Greater San Diego County March 20-27. Programs include on-site activities at local schools, once-in-a-lifetime field trips, and science workshops at local businesses and research facilities suitable for all ages. The Festival concludes with Expo Day, a day-long celebration at Petco Park on Saturday March 27, 2010. On Expo Day, science takes over with over 150 hands-on activities, demonstrations, experiments, contests, and performances. San Diego Science Festival is a collaboration of over 100 leading science organizations and is facilitated by BioBridge, a program of UC San Diego. For more information, please visit the official SDSF website:


6a0105368f9190970c013486992490970c Nanopalooza is produced by NanoTecNexus for the San Diego Science Festival – Get a BIG brain by learning about smalltech – nanotech that is! From fun activities, games and experiments to career opportunities, nanotech-enabled products and nanomedicine. Fun for all ages.






Molecul-Art is sponsored by NanoTecNexus for the San Diego Science Festival – The invisible is made visible in this unique exhibit of NanoArt, a new art discipline that captures and visualizes nanoscale structures in aesthetically pleasing works of art.




moores-cancer-center-east%20side%20sunset-cropped-150x150NanoTumor Center, a Center for Cancer Nanotechnology Excellence (CCNE)

In September 2005, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) implemented a $144 million initiative by awarding eight center type (U54) cooperative agreements to universities across the United States to create Centers for Cancer Nanotechnology Excellence (CCNE’s). One of the awards was made to UCSD and its Moores Cancer Center on behalf of a six-institution consortium known as the NanoTumor Center. The grant mandates each center to be multi-institutional and interdisciplinary, bringing together the best and brightest from engineering, chemistry, physics, mathematics, biology and health sciences to help fight cancer taking advantage of the unique capabilities offered by nanotechnology. Cancer Nanotechnology can radically change the way we diagnose, treat and prevent cancer.

NanoTecNexus’ role within the NanoTumor Center is to co-lead the Center’s Educational Core. The overall objective of the Educational Core is to facilitate community outreach and education for applications of nanotechnology and oncology. Community outreach and education will be achieved through: 1) Education in nanotechnology and cancer for students, faculty and staff of participating institutions; 2) Enhanced communication among students, faculty and staff within and between member institutions through group educational opportunities and net based portals; 3) Education and awareness in nanotechnology applications in cancer for community health care providers in oncology.



pnwsef_logo_satelliteevent-multi-color99x135Pacific Northwest Science & Engineering Initiative

In support of the USA festival, the Pacific Northwest Science & Engineering Festival (PNWSEF) is also being initiated as the first broad scale grassroots effort of its kind to support, fortify and leverage educational activities throughout Washington and Oregon.

The PNWSEF seeks to begin a yearly celebration of the sciences throughout the region and provide a portal to initiate new and leverage existing educational outreach. The primary goal of this initiative is to unite the educational and business communities throughout Oregon & Washington and answer the call to help cultivate a more knowledgeable society, skilled workforce and citizenry across all walks of life.