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Nanostar structures are crystal structures synthesized at the nanoscale (1 billionth of a meter) and can be created from gold, platinum, lead or other metals. In research they are being studied with coatings of iron-oxide or vanadium oxide to achieve different properties. For example, having both magnetic and plasmonic properties in one nanoparticle (NP) system makes these particles suitable for various bio-analytical applications such as biomolecule separation, sensing and magnetic imaging. In semiconductor research, they have shown interesting photoelectronic and photonic properties.


As a testament to practicing our corporate values in support of the community, the NanoTecNexus NanoStar Award™ recognizes women, men and companies/organizations that align with our mission to achieve meaningful change in how society learns about nanoscience and inspire K-12 students to pursue STEM education and careers.

The purpose of the award is to pay tribute to their outstanding contributions to the organization and dedication to both nanoscience and STEM education. Honorees are selected within four categories listed below and all nominees are celebrated at a special event. See inaugural nominees and winners here.


Community Leader Lights the WayAwarded in appreciation of a community leader that recognized the organization’s vision during its formative stage, understood the value to the community at large and helped light the way.

Illuminating Scientific ResearcherTo honor a member of the nanotech scientific research community who has dedicated time, resources and energy fostering nanoscience STEM education and benefitting kids of all ages.

Shooting Star CompanyIn admiration of a company who has demonstrated superior thought-leadership and commitment over several years toward making a significant impact on nanoscience and STEM education.

Rock Star VolunteerRecognizing to a volunteer who has demonstrated superior leadership, commitment and an outstanding contribution to his or her STEM education-focused nonprofit.



2014 NanoStar Awards™


2014 NanoStar Awards™

Thanks to a close collaboration between NanoTecNexus, SD3D Printing, Forecast3D and Ocean Nanotech, the NanoStar Award design became a reality. NTN provided the vision, and derived the concept design leveraging nanostar structure images from Ocean Nanotech. SD3D utilized multiple approaches in the engineering design to evolved the concept into a digital 3D model design and Forecast 3D used a form of 3D printing called Stereo Lithography Apparatus (SLA) and their Viper Si2 described further in this video.