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NanoTecNexus is a leading nonprofit organization with a long and respected track record.  While we are not in a position to provide paid internships at this time, we do promise the opportunity to gain real-world business and operational skills that are more than resumé worthy.  Our organization is also very aware and respectful of the US Department of Labor standards for unpaid internship programs under The Fair Labor Standards Act and adhere to its requirements.  Each volunteer intern position will be lead and managed by a board level member of NanoTecNexus and be designed around specific projects.  We offer a collaborative environment with unlimited growth opportunities for the right candidates.

What we look for: Candidates with the following qualities:

  • Passion and motivation.
  • Drive with an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Resourcefulness, innovative, forward thinking and commitment.

Through my Internship at NanoTecNexus, I have refined my skills in Professionalism and Research. It was a satisfying experience which gave me the opportunity to expand my Professional network.

T Huang
Intern project-based positions will be available in the areas of:

  • CAD/Design Engineering
  • Video Production
  • Business Development
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Graphic/Creative Design
  • Web/IT/Social Media Technologies
  • Market Research

It has been a privilege to work amongst the first round of interns at NanoTecNexus and build professional and technical skills. It has also been an exciting opportunity to play a key role in the promotion of nano-science education and influence the way the internship program will affect this realm in the future.

Y Gandhi


Meet the 2015 NanoTecNexus Interns

Alex-webAlex Krotz is a 12th grade student at Torrey Pines High School. He enjoys DIY projects and amateur chemistry. During Alex's second summer with NanoTecNexus he will be responsible for the creation of videos about the internship program and previously created nanotechnology demonstrations. Alex will also be participating in a research internship at UCSD working with porous silicon nanotechnology where he can unite his work at NanoTecNexus with his work in the lab.

Leticia-webLeticia Vanzetto is a Chemical Engineering student from Santa Catarina, Brazil. Leticia is complementing her studies at University of California, San Diego. She is a recipient of the Science Without Borders scholarship provided by the Brazil Scientific Mobility Program. She loves science, technology, engineering, and math, and this passion was responsible for her choice to pursue a career as a chemical engineer. Now she wants to inspire other people to pursue STEM careers.

Ian_Lee-webIan is from Walnut, California. He is a senior at UCSD majoring in mechanical engineering with nano technology technician certification from UC Irvine and SBCC. He was first drawn to nanotechonology because of its potential and to NanoTecNexus for their concern for the public awareness of nanotechnology and K-12 education. At NanoTecNexus, he has helped with nanotechnology company database research, creating educational 2015 NanoTecNexus calendar, and creating nanotechnology-related demonstrations and models.

Ash_Raj_photoAshwath Raj is currently an 11th grade student at Del Norte High School. Besides nanotechnology, he enjoys neuroscience and computer science and is looking to develop his knowledge and skills in these areas. After becoming interested in NanoTecNexus because of its compelling educational misson and focus on scientific development, he quickly joined the intern team. (And, due to declining involvment in STEM among many young students in California, ) he elected to spend his time at NanoTecNexus to create a Nanoscience videogame that emphasizes tangential learning in order to encourage students to learn more about and pursue STEM.

Vicky_Cerioli-webVicky Cerioli is a Chemical Engineering student from Brazil. She is one of the students who earned the Brazil Scientific Mobility Program scholarship to study one year at University of California, San Diego. Vicky loves science and believes that through education we can change the world. At NanoTecNexus she is in charge of researching and producing NanoKits that could educate students and teachers about nanoscience.

Fernanda-webFernanda Sousa is an exchange student from Brazil. She earned a scholarship from Brazil's government to study one year in the University of California, San Diego. She is studying chemical engineering and has a passion for science and nanotechnology. At NanoTecNexus, Fernanda was in charge of researching and producing video lectures to teach nanotechnology for students and the general public.

Meet the 2014 NanoTecNexus Interns

Alex Krotz - NanoTecNexus InternAlex Krotz is currently an 11th grade student at Torrey Pines High School. He enjoys DIY projects, and amateur chemistry. Alex originally wanted to become involved with NanoTecNexus because of its educational aspect. His role at NanoTecNexus was to evaluate and redesign the K-12 resources webpage. He also used his mechanical and engineering design talents to enhance the Quantum Dots demo you'll see during your tour.

Bryan Dang - NanoTecNexus InternBryan Dang is a student at UCSD studying Nanoengineering with a Mechanical engineering emphasis. He was part of "The Rocket Project" at San Diego State University for two years. He hopes that after graduation, he can apply the engineering concepts and skills he learns towards improving his community. I've no doubt he'll accomplish this. During his internship, he was instrumental in driving the 2015 NanoTecNexus educational calendar. It is pretty cool. Check it out on our website and gets yours.

Ian Lee - NanoTecNexus InternIan Lee is from Walnut, CA and a senior at UCSD studying Mechanical Engineering. He has also earned a Nanotechnology Technician Certification from UC Irvine. At NanoTecNexus, he led the market research project to develop nanotechnology company database spanning many regions in CA and other states. With this knowledge, he also worked on the production of the 2015 NanoTecNexus educational calendar and contributed to supporting other projects.

Kyla Manawatao - NanoTecNexus InternKyla Manawatao is from Modesto, CA and is a senior at UCSD, majoring in Nanoengineering with a minor in Economics. She chose Nanotechnology for its enormous role in today's world, and to study an interesting field that was also challenging, yet practical. One that would also allow her the opportunity to impact a vast majority of people. Kyla's job at NanoTecNexus was the most challenging. She led the project to update and enhance the media databases, create a tracking system, and work with management on content strategy for the media channels. After conquering that project, she took on the role of being your NTN demo tour guide and has done a great job!

Timothy Huang - NanoTecNexus InternTimothy Huang is from San Luis Obispo, California, and a sophomore Nanoengineering student at UCSD. He chose Nanotechnology for its huge potential to change the future and to experience the excitement of working in a pioneering field of technology. At NanoTecNexus, Timothy was in charge of market research and analysis to identify key target audiences for educational programs. Upon completion, he led the team in the design of this demo working with the SmartGenies team. He did a great job throughout.

Yash Gandhi - NanoTecNexus InternYash Gandhi is a fourth year UCSD Nanoengineering undergraduate student from Brentwood, CA in the Bay Area. He chose to pursue a foundation in nanotechnology based on his passion for the physical sciences and desire to be working at the forefront of technological innovation. During his time with NTN, he had a leading role in the development and execution of creative nanotechnology demonstrations for educational purposes.