Adriana Vela, Founder & CEOAdriana Vela

Founder, CEO and Chair, NanoTecNexus

Adriana Vela has been at the forefront of leading edge technologies in the high-tech, biotech and nanotech sectors. She dedicated the last 25 years tracking technologies, launching dozens of products, driving industry standards, leading million dollar initiatives, and defining new markets. She has been quoted or featured in publications like The Milken Institute Report: ‘Minds-to-Market’, San Diego Business Journal and magazines like PM Networks, PharmaTech Europe, SmallTimes, Hispanic Business, and San Diego Magazine. She has been a speaker and advisor at technology conferences and has devoted many years to philanthropic programs. Her vision, experience and interest in convergent technologies culminated in founding MarketTecNexus, a professional services firm dedicated to helping companies achieve growth and sustainability with the right strategies and technologies.

After 15 years in Silicon Valley’s high-tech industry, she embarked in the Life Sciences arena through various consulting projects. In 2004, she founded NanoTecNexus (formerly NanoBioNexus), a nonprofit corporation whose goal is to promote safe and market-accepted advances in nanoscience in areas ranging from medicine, defense, energy, water and others. She led a team of high caliber scientists and business professionals and developed an international presence for NanoTecNexus, Inc.

Under Adriana’s leadership, NanoTecNexus was selected to participate in a $20 million, 5-year grant funded by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) for the creation of a Center for Cancer Nanotechnology Excellence (CCNE) dedicated to the research, development and education of nanotechnology as applied to cancer. Full bio and to Connect with me on LinkedIn:


 Interim Project Team Volunteers

cheryl-greggansCheryl Greggans

Marketing Consultant

A creative communications strategist with an extensive corporate communications, integrated product marketing, technical communications, and writing/editing background. A dynamic leader with a customer-centric focus, a keen understanding of messaging strategy, and a varied background across multiple industries, including technology, product safety, nonprofits, and media. Proven success in executing comprehensive communication plans that strengthen company perception and brand, influence purchase decisions, and enhance the messaging experience across all levels of an organization. With a keen grasp of the big picture, able to implement communications that improve profitability and market share, as well as customer and employee satisfaction. A go-to manager for key corporate initiatives and high-profile projects including global customer programs, brand revision, product launches, executive communications, M/A employee onboarding, and more. An ardent proponent for how consistent use of corporate brand, voice, look/feel, and style can drive business and financial success.


kaila-headshot-croppedKaila Trawitski

Grant Research Volunteer

Kaila is a sophomore at the New Jersey Institute of Technology majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology with a minor in Nanotechnology.   She is worked in the Office of Education in the summer of 2015 at NASA Langley.  She loves letting youth know about the vast amount of life-changing opportunities in both NASA and the STEM fields. In this position, she ran educational programs for students around the Virginia Tidewater Penensula while adhering to the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) protocol.  She overlooked two professional development seminars for local teachers on how to include NASA technology and simulation techniques in lesson plans.



Eric Eilenberg

CAD Designer Volunteer

I recently earned my NanoEngineering degree from University of California, San Diego. This is a multidisciplinary degree very similar to Materials Engineering. For my senior capstone project, my team was one of the only groups to achieve results at all stages during design, modeling, and testing of a microfluidic particle separation device. Since graduating, I earned Solidworks and Six Sigma certifications and I would love to apply these in a design and manufacturing environment.

I have an entrepreneurial spirit and am involved with Windhover Ventures to research novel market applications of microfluidic technologies. I enjoy giving back to the community, so I am also volunteering to design 3D-printed classroom learning models using Solidworks for NanoTecNexus, a non-profit dedicated to STEM education.

My career goal is to apply my design and manufacturing skills towards developing the products of tomorrow.